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Spa Treatments

The treatment methods offered at the Tomoko Spa Center combine Far Eastern and Western therapy methods. The center's specialty lies in the treatments that combine acupressure points (which are points on the body that affect other areas of the human body, in the same way as acupuncture).
The Tomoko Center offers traditional Japanese spa treatments, such as anama, shiatsu massage, ashi tsubo and Japanese acupuncture, in addition to other massages, such as medical massages.
Our know-how and experience and the wide range of spa treatments we provide enable us to select the treatment most suited to the patient's needs. Selection is made according to the physical symptoms exhibited or the bodily discomforts experienced by the patient.
In fact, this is the objective of the spa treatments: to improve body sensations, to reduce pain, to release aches, and of course, to relax and balance body and soul.
In treatment grape seed oil is used, known for its skin nutritious properties that assist in preventing wrinkles (anti-oxidant).
Today's competitive and intensive life-style prevents us from finding peace and relaxation.

Many studies indicate that alternative medicine treatments:
• Reduce stress and feelings such as depression, anxiety, exhaustion and pain, and reinforce the body's immune system
• Increase alertness and improve memory, ability to focus and vitality.
• Combined with physical touch also provide an answer to a human biological need that contributes to emotional, physical and intellectual development.

We therefore recommend regular complimentary spa treatments to our clients that can assist them in creating for themselves a prolonged healthy, balanced and relaxed lifestyle.
The therapists are professionals with medical experience, graduates of professional alternative medicine colleges.
In addition Japanese Spa Tomoko offers fun days that include massages and pampering in a relaxed and spiritually stimulating atmosphere. You can choose fun days for singles or couples.