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At the Tomoko Japanese Spa you will rest from the intensity of daily pressure and will experience, if only for an hour or so, real peace and tranquility.
There is no better rest than a pampering massage at a spa, and especially so at the Tomoko Spa where we provide massages of the highest level, in a unique Japanese atmosphere. By special request the massage will be provided by an Asian therapist.
The massages provided by the spa, without exception, are adapted to the special needs of the patient.
If you want to surprise your partner with a massage or you yourselves want to be pampered for one perfect relaxing day, we most certainly can assist.
We have a wide range of massages on offer, including reflexology, ashi tsubo, shiatsu, Japanese massage, hot stones massage, scalp and neck massage, combined massage, zhanshan, Thai massage, deep tissue massage (oriental massage) and other special types of massages and spa treatments.