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A Fun Day for Couples

Tomoko Spa is the place to go to relax, to pamper your body, to enjoy and replenish your energy and continue a wonderful and peaceful life.

Each person will receive their own specially adapted spa treatment and pampering from the available range.
Tomoko Spa offers a range of facial treatments suitable for men and women, penetrative beauty treatments, body treatments, Thai massages and Japanese spa treatments.

During your visit to the Tomoko Spa you will receive professional service and top level treatment for each person separately as well as a joint couple treatment.
At the Tomoko Spa we will pamper you on your dream day, where you will receive a large spacious double room with a special luxurious Japanese bath.

At the Tomoko Spa guests are invited to drink quality hot Japanese sake (an alcoholic beverage) in the Japanese bath and enjoy a special couple experience.

The Luxury Couples Day at the Tomoko Spa includes a wide range of massages. You can enjoy professional pampering body treatments provided by the best therapists in their fields, in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The treatments offered as part of the Fun Day for Couples are based on body massages using hot grape oil which is soothing and relaxing.

At the Tomoko Spa you will enjoy a comfortable and intimate atmosphere which is ideal for a romantic and luxurious time together, whether to celebrate a special occasion or just to pamper and spoil each other with a Spa Treatment for Couples.