Tomoko Japanese Spa in Israel


Invites you to take a break from routine and to pamper and care for your body in a relaxing Japanese atmosphere.

We invite you to enter this unique Herzliya japanese spa in Israel with its magical and luxuriating atmosphere, and be transported into a new special world, with its most gracious service, and receive a most pleasurable and professional treatment – as only the Japanese know how.

Every spa treatment is a magical journey to a special place, each journey a unique fantasy.
A spa coupon is the perfect gift for a special occasion or for a special person and for whoever genuinely enjoys being pampered.

The professional team of workers under the management of Tomoko Kurono will provide warm, personal and professional service that will render you back into the world with a broad smile and a pleasing sense of lightness and floating.

Tomoko Japanese Spa in Israel – Treatment that begins with the body and floats to the soul.